An alternative and automatic night mode for Windows 10


Although it has its detractors, the dark mode or night mode is here to stay with us. Available in most operating systems, those who defend it say that it allows you to use your devices at night or in the dark without damaging your eyes. Or, at least, without later preventing you from falling asleep.

If you like the night mode, either for aesthetics or for what was mentioned before, in Windows 10 you can configure an alternative night mode that will be activated automatically and that improves the current functions of Windows 10 in this regard.

Its name is Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode or Windows Auto Night Mode . As the name implies, it consists of automating the night mode in Windows so that you can enjoy it without having to touch anything. And best of all, it’s free and you can download it from its GitHub repository .

Automatic night mode

Created by Armin Osaj , a German programmer only 19 years old, this alternative night mode is activated and deactivated at the time of day that you indicate in your configuration. Or if you prefer, just check the option “ From sunset to sunrise ”, or in Spanish, “From sunset to sunrise”.

Although by default you do not have to configure anything, you can optionally decide if you want the night mode to also apply to applications, system, Microsoft Edge and / or Microsoft Office. Also, it suggests you to install the Dark Reader extension for Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Another detail that stands out from Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode is that you can choose which background and / or desktop theme to apply in each mode, day or night. That way you will control the appearance at every moment of the day. And from the generic configuration options you will have the opportunity to apply other changes such as a gray filter.

To install this alternative night mode for Windows 10 you can download its executable or go to alternatives such as WinGet or Chocolatey. You will find more information on the page of this tool on GitHub.

So from now on, if you want to have a night mode in Windows 10 in the style of Android, iOS or macOS, you can make it happen with Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode . Free, easy to install (and uninstall), and it is applied transparently without you having to do anything.

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