Amrish Puri Birth Anniversary: 5 Shades of Fatherly Characters Portrayed By The Actor We Will Never Forget

Amrish Puri Birth Anniversary: 5 Shades of Fatherly Characters Portrayed By The Actor We Will Never Forget

Amrish Puri is a name that immediately takes you back to Mr India or some movies in the 80s and 90s which has him as the villain in outlandish getup. That’s the visualisation of this amazingly talented actor. His bad roles are so obnoxious and effective that they dwarf the few positive ones that he did. Even when he played fathers to heroes and heroines in movies, there’s always a dash of negativity in the portrayal. And in every scene, he leaves us wanting for more. What would be Raj and Simran’s story without an opposition from Baldev Singh? Nothing! What’s a love story without a conflict! Amrish Puri Birth Anniversary: From Gardish to Hulchul, 9 Best Positive Roles of the Iconic ‘Villain’ That Won Our Hearts! (Onhike Exclusive).

So on his birth today, we will talk about various shades of oncreen father or father-figure that Amrish Puri played which will be memorable forever. We know father’s day is gone but this space deserved him!

Radical father – Dilwale Dulhania Le

Before Parampara, Prathishtha and Anushasan (Tradition, reputation and discipline) became the buzzword for strict parenting, Baldev Singh had aced it in DDLJ. He embodied any other father of this generation who doesn’t take kindly to change and feels he knows better for everyone. When such a person softens for love, it’s a precious moment. We just can’t fathom anyone else playing the taut-faced strict father of two daughters ready to be married.

Caring father – Ghatak

That scene where Puri is dragged around with a collar around his neck will be the most traumatic memory of our childhood. His love for Kashi played by Sunny Deol was so warm and sweet that this scene has us crying our eyes out.

Damaging Father – Deewana

Puri’s relentless urge to usurp the property of the lead played by Kapoor and his damaging support to his son played by Mohnish Behl, makes you cringe. While many see it as a typical portrayal of a money hungry man, we see it as a father going to extreme lengths for his son.

Disturbing and manipulative father – Pardes

Puri’s character in Pardes could be a more relatable and convetional version of his Deewana act. A rich father, blinded by his love for his only son, goes to any lengths to make sure he gets what he wants even if it means without consent. But what you may have missed appreciating while rallying for Shah Rukh Khan is, he does keep the latter under his wraps pretty well. He amazingly fills the gap of a father figure in Arjun’s (SRK) life making him feel tied to him. That’s a psychological attachment! He does it seamlessly! Amrish Puri Birth Anniversary: 5 Interesting Facts About The Legendary Actor That Will Baffle You.

The ultimate shipper – Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai

Imaging having a grandad this cool! Puri’s character is the cheerleader of Tusshar Kapoor’s love for Kareena Kapoor. He is fun, funny, and so supportive of his grandson, you will start wishing you had someone like that in your life. This is our favourite postive roles of the Amrish Puri.


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