Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is back on sale ahead of October Prime Day

Sales on Amazon products continue to roll out ahead of the official start of October Prime Day on everything from Blink cameras to Kindle Scribes. The 16GB Kindle Scribe is back on sale for 22 percent off, dropping to $265 from $340. It mirrors a recent sale on the Kindle Scribe, but this one isn’t exclusive to Prime members, as was the case for the September one.


Amazon’s 16GB Kindle Scribe has a 10.2-inch, 300 ppi glare-free display with an adjustable warm light and auto-adjustable front light that changes depending on the time of day. It also includes an option to increase the font size anytime for easier reading. Thanks to the pages available for writing or sketching, you can use the Kindle Scribe as a personal notebook or journal. Plus, you can write on PDFs, Microsoft Word docs or across millions of books available from the Kindle Store using the Basic Pen included with your purchase. Getting the Premium Pen instead will cost you another $25, with a 22 percent sale dropping the pair’s price to $290 from $370. The 32GB and 64GB Kindle Scribes are also on sale, available for $305 and $330, respectively.

Your Kindle Scribe shouldn’t require too much charging as Amazon claims the battery will last 12 weeks if you read an average of a half hour each day and three weeks if you write an average of a half hour a day. Of course, factors like brightness and wireless connection can kill the charge quicker, but it has a longer battery life than its predecessors.

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