Amazon clarifies that ‘it will not prohibit TikTok’ on the phones of its workers and that everything ‘was a mistake’


Amazon clarifies that “it will not ban TikTok” on the phones of its workers and that the controversial email “was sent by mistake”, although its authenticity is confirmed.

Amazon will not ask its employees to remove the TikTok short video app from mobiles using company emails, despite confirming the authenticity of an email that was sent in error.

Late yesterday, an email sent by Amazon itself to its employees in the United States was leaked online, asking them to the TikTok video application because it was considered “a security risk . The popular Chinese short video application “was hunted” recently by accessing the clipboard on iOS and the United States has it in the crosshairs to ban it in government and military media, but with the intention of going much further by considering it an application that compiles all kinds of user data.

The New York Times originally reported on the existence of this email in which Amazon asked its employees in the United States to remove TikTok from their mobile devices to access the Amazon email, citing different security risks, a deadline of July 10th. The message also noted that it was allowed to use the application from the Amazon laptop browser.

Shortly after the information came to light, Amazon has contacted the media to clarify that this email “was sent by mistake

The email was mistakenly sent to our employees. There are no changes to our policies at this time regarding TikTok, ” Amazon said in a statement to the media.

In any case, the authenticity of the original message has been clarified, although finally the prohibition has not been enforced for reasons that have not transpired.

A TikTok spokesperson originally to the ban message, noting that “ while Amazon did not contact us prior to sending their email, and we still do not understand their concerns, we welcome a dialogue so that we can address any issues they may have. and allow your team to continue participating in our community . ”

[Via: TheVerge ]

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