A Simple Murder: Explaining the Final Fates of the Main Characters in Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub-Priya Anand’s Web-Series and Who Could Return for Season 2 (SPOILER ALERT) – LatestLY Exclusive

A Simple Murder: Explaining the Final Fates of the Main Characters in Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub-Priya Anand’s Web-Series and Who Could Return for Season 2 (SPOILER ALERT) – LatestLY Exclusive

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub plays the main lead in Sony LIV’s new web-series, A Simple Murder. A crime-comedy series brimming with surprising twists and black humour, A Simple Murder also stars Priya Anand, Sushant Singh, Amit Sial, Ayaz Khan and Yashpal Sharma. Directed by Sachin Pathak who has also written the screenplay, the series is about how certain flawed characters cross each other’s paths in their greedy endeavours, leading to switching fortunes and more dead bodies. (SPOILERS AHEAD). A Simple Murder Review: Dark Humour Rules in Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub-Priya Anand’s Web Series With Terrific Turns From Sushant Singh and Amit Sial!

The crux of the story revolves about Manish (Ayyub), a desperate wannabe entrepreneur, whose wife Richa (Priya Anand) is tired of their marriage and has plans to elope with her philandering boss, Rahul (Ayaz Khan). By a twist of fate, he is mistaken to be an assassin by a power-broker Panditji (Yashpal Sharma) and is assigned to kill Priya (Tejasvi Singh), the daughter of a politician who had eloped with her Muslim boyfriend Usman (Ankur Pandey).

Desperation to earn easy money makes Manish ready to kill Priya, but he accidentally ends up killing the girlfriend of a retired hitman, Santosh (Amit Sial). He also runs away with the bag of Rs five crore that Santosh kept in the house, which is later stolen by Richa. While Santosh seeks revenge for the death of his love (who also had an affair with Rahul), Manish is also stalked by Himmat (Sushant Singh), the original contract killer who was to be assigned to kill Priya.

A Simple Murder is a dark comedy of errors, filled with flawed characters, where the only option you have is to root for the lesser wrong ones. Considering it is a crime-comedy, there are plenty of twists and not everyone comes out of this mess alive, and those who do may not have a happy ending. In this special feature, we look at the final fates of each main and whether we can see them in season 2 (if there is one).

Priya and Usman

Tejasvi Singh and Ankur Pandey in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Alive

Living upto the adage of ‘Love Triumphs All’, the young couple survive the events of the first season, though the girl’s father would be still pissed enough at them for ruining his political career. If they return for season 2, expect more ramifications on this aspect.

Inspector Mehta

Gopal Datt in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Dead

Played by Gopal Datt, the bumbling inspector showed a surprising turn of character, being a good guy after all, and also smart enough to track the right people in the process. Unfortunately for him, he gets killed by his treacherous subordinate. Won’t be returning for season 2, at least as this character.

Sub-Inspector Mishra

Vikram Kochhar in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Dead

Played by Vikram Kochhar, Mishra turns out to be another twist in how we initially perceived the character. Seen first as this comparatively intelligent officer frustrated by his senior’s foolhardiness, Mishra actually turned out to be an acolyte of the politician, and he gets shot dead by Richa in the end. Won’t be returning for season 2, at least as this character.


Ayaz Khan in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Dead

Rahul, who played with the feelings of quite a few girls, finally saw the end of his life at the gunpoint of the one he betrayed the most – Richa. There is chance of him returning for the sequel.


Yashpal Sharma in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Dead

Panditji is the first of the major characters to be killed off, shot dead by Priya, in trying to rescue her lover while Panditji was trying to kill him. Not sure if Panditji as a character will return in season 2, though the repercussions of killing a powerful person like him would have some consequence in the next season.


Sushant Singh in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Dead

Although he is a contract killer, Himmat turned out to be a very likeable (even stylish) character who turns out to be unlikely ally for Manish. Sadly, he is shot dead by Santosh, leaving Manish -ridden for his death. While his arc ended, Himmat could still return as a memory to may be motivate Manish in the next season.


Amit Sial in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Alive

The main antagonist of the series, Santosh survives the final mini-battle, even though he was beaten up badly and left incapacitated. The epilogue pitches up him still wanting to seek out Manish to get his money back, as well as take revenge on him.



Priya Anand in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Dead

Richa is unapologetically greedy, and over the course of the first season, she had killed two men, one in anger and other in a moment of defense. However, her greed turns her vicious enough to shoot her husband, which leads him to strangulate her with the handle of the same bag of money that she wanted all for herself. While she is dead, there is a pretty good chance that Manish would be haunted by her memories in the second season.


Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub in A Simple Murder

Final Fate: Alive

Manish is not a saint, after all, he did think of killing a stranger for sake of money. But in the company of more flawed people than him, he feels like the better man. While he escapes death at the end and he has the bag of money, Manish cannot be a happy man, for he will be guilted by the murder of his wife, and the fact that Santosh is still baying for his blood.

The Narrator

Vijay Raaz (Photo Credit: File Image)

Final Fate: Alive

Who is this unseen narrator? Is Manish and Santosh’s story part of the book he is writing? Is he God? Or is he that rat that keeps popping up to add masala to the story? Considering he is voiced by Vijay Raaz, we are really curious to see him in person in the next season.

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