A Shuttle Bus for Sale Purchased and Disposed in 15 Steps

There may be more than a hundred different shuttle buses for sale in the market today. How do you figure out which one is best for your business??? Few things need to kept in mind when buying a shuttle bus for sale.

1. A used shuttle bus for sale will cost 33% to 45% less than a new shuttle bus for sale.

2. New shuttle buses cost $50,000 and upwards which includes all bells and whistles.

3. Used shuttle buses for sale can range from $10,000 to $25,000. The price depends on the vehicle’s mileage, age, capacity, width, size, and a lot of other factors.

4. Private individuals will sell their shuttle buses for $5,000. But never buy from them because these vehicles are being sold as-is. They have a lot of and tear. As well as mechanical and electrical defects.

5. Private individuals repaint their buses and change the seats. This gives them a nice appearance and helps make a quick sale. They even call their fatigued buses “reconditioned”. But this is not true.

6. The actual reconditioning process is a step by step procedure. It requires checking, inspecting, fixing, repairing, and on a bus. Sometimes there can be more than 250 parts and equipment repaired and or replaced on the bus.

7. Private individuals and many small businesses or organizations do not have the budget nor the expertise to recondition their buses. Hence they change the seats and repaint the bus and call it “Reconditioned”.

8. Only well-established bus dealerships have the budget to recondition a used bus. They even have the required expertise to recondition a used bus from bumper to bumper.

9. Due to the time and effort required in reconditioning a used bus. Their price range starts from $10,000 and upwards. One will never find a reconditioned used bus for sale under that price tag.

10. The reconditioning process gives a new life to old and dying buses. And their lifespan increases by several years.

11. If maintained well at regular intervals of 6 months. A reconditioned shuttle bus for sale will last a lifetime with its new owner.

12. Used buses are generally those vehicles that have one previous owner. And are less than 10 years of age, and have less than 200,000 miles on their odometer.

13. When these used shuttle buses for sale go through the reconditioning process. They can last up to a million miles. That means they will operate up to 800,000+ more miles.

14. Buying a bus can be a hassle even for the most experienced buyer of used buses. Owning the bus can be a rewarding and fascinating experience. But disposing of the bus can be a headache.

15. When one a shuttle bus for sale from a licensed and bonded bus dealership. They can sell the bus back to the dealer when no longer needed. All dealerships are ready to buy back their buses at reasonable prices. This advantage is priceless as many bus owners find it difficult to get rid of their vehicles. Especially if they are in bad shape and were not maintained.

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