A portable steam brush so you can iron your clothes anywhere


As we say wrinkles in clothes are now carried out of their own volition, there are so many products to take care of clothes at home or outside that ironing is no longer a nightmare . We can say goodbye to those trips in which the clothes came out of the suitcase completely wrinkled and it was embarrassing to put them on for a dinner or meeting. 

Thinking of this type of occasion, Rowenta has designed a two-in-one product, the Acess Steam Pocket , a brush and vaporizer that fixes these flaws with simple use. The company ensures that in addition to fighting wrinkles , it can eliminate bacteria from clothing, regardless of the garment. 

In the form of a folding dryer, this new product expels steam to iron dresses, shirts or in a few minutes. It has a 120 ml water tank and it takes 15 seconds to heat up to start using it. 

With the button or trigger we control the steam to iron the clothes. Rowenta ensures that the device weighs very little to be able to take it on a trip and hold it while ironing, it also includes a 2.5 meter cable to start it up. 

Not only do we have to care about wrinkles, steam removing bacteria that the garment may have prevents it from having bad odors and, by the way, we save ourselves from the health problems suffered by people allergic to mites or pollen . Your brushes can also come in handy for those with pets at home.

This Rowenta drying brush is now available on the official website of the brand and on Amazon from a price of 52.78 euros . Price similar to that of the other steam brushes of the company but that do not allow folding them in order to store them better. 

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