A Lead Magnet

I ran across Meera Kothand’s website (meerakothand.com) and found the information she shared useful and interesting. She has a business online that is significant and full of business opportunities.

One thing she shared was titled “The Lead Magnet Cheat-sheet.” I found her information beneficial and want to share it with individuals in my sphere of influence.

The first point mentioned for a good magnet is it easily consumable? People do not want to be deluged with information overload. They don’t want long eBooks or burdensome emails or video courses. They want information that is direct and to the point and easily read, understood and useable.

Only present one main idea. Like in other means of connection such as a blog post or a landing page, the lead magnet requires one point or goal instead of several. Again make it simple.

Does the lead page move your contact through a change? Similar to all your offers and content you present, your audience should be led from one point to the next… from their current location to the desired location.

Is your audience, your lead aware that they have a problem? Your attraction idea should be specific enough to make your contact aware that they have a certain problem or desire and you can help resolve this issue.

Is your opportunity unique? People do not need another solution to a product that everyone else is offering. Your product should be exclusive… better, faster, more valuable, unique in some way.

Can the value of what you are offering be understood from the name of your opt-in free offer? The one that I offer is called “The Escape Plan” and it provides a path to escape from the problems you currently have and work towards the goals that you desire.

Doe the lead magnet stem from one form or category on your blog? Does the lead magnet eventually lead to an existing product or service? Can you see it leading to a product or service in the future? As stated above, these final questions point to your funnel to where the lead magnet eventually moves your prospect from one point to another.

So a lead magnet is an offer of something in exchange for information, usually a name and email address. The checklist above is quick and easy way to note if the exchange is attractive to both the person looking for information and the person seeking a lead for their opportunity or opportunities.

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