A Dell Vostro All-In-One Review – The Beauty And The Beast

If you are of those people believe that any machine that is powerful must be ugly, you should be able to have changed your mind by the time that you are through with this Dell Vostro All-in- review. In this review, you will come across a machine that has proved that it is possible to come up with a powerful machine without compromising on its looks. In fact, they have actually proven that for you to make a machine that will attract attention every where, then you must be willing to make the machine to perform as good as it appears; otherwise, people will avoid your beautiful laptop as much as if it were the plague. In this Dell Vostro All-in-One review, I would like to bring out two main things: the things that make the machine beautiful and the thinks that make the machine to perform very well.

The Dell Vostro All-In- Review – Performance

Because the reason why people buy desktops and laptops is because they are looking for something that will be able to do certain tasks, I really think it is prudent that we first look at what makes this machine perform very well.

As all Vostros under Dell, this machine has been designed to ensure that small business have an opportunity to get exceptional performance at affordable prices. When it comes to the processor, you will get to walk away with a machine that has an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor. If you have some more cash, you can choose to go with the Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, or the Intel Core i7. The memory stands at 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM which is best known for its ability to conserve energy without affecting the performance of the machine.

The Dell Vostro All-In- Review –

The of this machine stems from the fact that the manufacturer has come up with a great design that puts the CPU and the monitor into compartment. This ensures that the amount of space that is consumed by the machine is not so much. This is a great amount of value for people do not have a lot of money to buy office space, a characteristic of small and medium enterprises.

This Dell Vostro All-in- review is actually not able to say everything about this great machine. However, if you try it out yourself, you will come to agree with me that this is one lovely jewel.

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