8K Tv is Worth Buying or Not?

2021 Samsung Neo QLED 8K & Neo QLED 4K TVs Launched in India at Rs 99,990

With the advancing technology, televisions are also advancing day by day. So after 4K Tv, 8K are launched with new amazing features. But sometimes it is not important that new things are always worth buying, same is in this case.

In late 2019, Consumer Electronic Show(CES) which is run by Influential trade group the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) told about the 8K ultra HD display.

In addition to the minimum of 33 million active pixels from the 7,680 x 4,320 resolution within a 16:9 viewable window, an 8K Ultra HD display must also include at least one HDMI input that supports 8K resolution at a bit depth of 10-bits, a frame rate of 60fps, and HDR (high dynamic range). Essentially that means the TV must have at least one HDMI 2.1 input (or the new HDMI 2.1a updated input). Finally, an 8K Ultra HD display must be able to upscale SD, HD, and 4K video to 8K UHD resolution.

Those are good enough in terms of resolutions, but aside from it there are various other features which are good in 4K TVs. The big pixels and good color doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of Dollars.

Prices are too High

Visiting to retailers to buy best 8K TV, you will find the cost of 8K TV are twice of price of 4K TVs. You can go and check any shop. You will find that any model of 8K TV cost is twice of 4K. However, some tech-savvy people think that when new gadgets come with the new and advanced features. Their price will be elevated than previous versions. It is not important in this case. These don’t have much developed features.

Increase in Image Quality

As you know it is being said that 8K is four times better than 4K, but no difference is see by human eyes. According to “Double-blind study“, Tested Perceptual Difference Between UHD-1/4K and UHD-2/8K” from Warner Bros., the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), Amazon, LG, and Pixar, 8K video increases the perceived quality over 4K only.

For the survey, more than 50 people watch live clips and animated clips in 8K resolution and then quality was downscaled to 4K resolution. Most of them can’t differentiate between 8K and 4K. Some people, about just 10 out of 50 tell that 8K is better. Whereas, fewer said 4K is better. So 8K wins with slight difference.

No Improvement at All

After all the digital and film imaging experts estimated that their not much difference in 8K and 4K TVs. Human eye has 576 megapixels whereas 8k has 33 megapixels and 4K holds 30 megapixels. So there is not such difference among both.

So while the difference between 8K and 4K TVs is perceptible under the right conditions, the benefits of 8K video concentrate more on the production side for shooting in 8K and zooming in on smaller areas that will still have at least 4K resolution. Just as well, 8K has benefits for extremely large screens or projected images that most people will not experience in their homes unless it’s under the guise of virtual reality

Game are Still Not Ready

Talking about gaming PCs to fully utilize 8K output in games. The games themselves will have to be produce for native 8K output, and game developers are still catching up to the 4K format. Few games are available that were produce in 8K, and the 8K console games that do exist can’t be play in 8K yet anyway, until Sony and Microsoft upgrade their firmware. For the foreseeable future, console games are much more likely to be make for 4K. Which the console or an 8K TV itself can upconvert for 8K viewing.


There are other TV performance considerations that can also make a bigger difference than going from 4K to 8K resolution. A TV’s ratio and black levels, color gamut, level of HDR technology, and brightness of the HDR all help determine the quality of the available pixels. Rather than simply adding more pixels.