27 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest


It may seem a too bulky selection, but all the news of the last hours that we have selected for today Thursday are relevant and interesting, so you do not miss anything that happened and start the morning well informed.

Samsung had a slip yesterday, and some official images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 escaped, which still lacks a few months to present itself. So we already have the first definitive data on this expected phablet.

Spotify Premium Duo, the new subscription for couples, is a preview of the future. As the subscription bubble approaches its critical point, we will see more and more subscriptions as a couple, family, group, and other social nuclei.

Yesterday, several government measures related to technology were presented, with the aim of reviving the economy and keeping the coronavirus at bay. Impulso Digital is a collaboration between the Spanish government and Google to digitize SMEs. Furthermore, Radar COVID, the Spanish application that alerts of coronavirus infections, is now available.

Technological news

The scam from the Coca-Cola fridge returns, another viral WhatsApp scam.

Samsung will not attend IFA 2020 and instead will host a virtual event.

We knew it would happen again: pollution is increasing again in cities.

Impulso Digital is born, the joint program between Google and the Government to help SMEs.

This is how Radar COVID works, the Spanish application that alerts of coronavirus infections.


Samsung mistakenly filters the new Galaxy Note 20.

Send your animated stickers on WhatsApp now with the new update.

Cat S42, the drop resistant mobile is renewed without losing a bit of its robustness.

Samsung works on a folding battery that would improve the autonomy of their mobiles.

Computers and tablets

Microsoft is releasing an emergency update to fix a vulnerability in Windows.

Samsung launches an 8 TB SSD so you don’t lack storage capacity.

There’s a Windows 10 update that compromises your Gmail emails.


We thoroughly tested the ideal speaker for the summer, the LG XBOOM Go PL7. Read the analysis and opinion

Spotify Premium Duo, the new subscription plan for couples who want to share an account.

The application for Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets that you need to try to get the most out of it.

This is what each Spanish spends on the electricity bill of their home.

Covid-19 and water: can you catch it if you bathe in the pool, in a river or in the sea?

3D printers: what to consider in 2020 if you want to buy one. Read the report

If you are a student you have € 10 free to buy on Amazon: this is how you can get them.

This Mercadona beer is one of the best on the market, according to the OCU.

Leisure and gaming

This is the Netflix series you have to see if you liked Game of Thrones.

Do you long for the 90s? Prime Video X File in full.

From today you can see on Netflix what for many is the best movie in history.


Now you can buy your Tesla Model 3 in Spain cheaper than ever: from 34,806 euros.

BMW brings active cruise control to its bikes.

The PSA Group definitely bets on electric vans..


How to effectively refresh the car in no time.

This has been the summary of current news of the day. Have a nice day!

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