2023 Super Bowl Odds Shift After Tom Brady’s Retirement

2023 super bowl odds tom brady retirement
2023 super bowl odds tom brady retirement

We’re two weeks away from Super Bowl LVI. However, thanks to sports media forcing the Tom Brady retirement early, many are now looking at the future. This massive news impacts the landscape of the entire NFL. It especially has impacted the 2023 Super Bowl odds. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going all-in on the Brady era, they do not really have a Plan B in case of a Tom Brady retirement. But, with a strong roster already, we can assume they will bring in a veteran, and the Super Bowl odds for 2023 reflect this.

2023 Super Bowl Odds Shift After Tom Brady’s Retirement

Chiefs +700 Bills +800 Rams +1000
Bengals +1200 49ers +1400
Cowboys +1600 Packers +1600 Broncos +2000
Ravens +2000 Titans +2000 Chargers +2000
Patriots +2200 Cardinals +2500 Colts +2800
Saints +3500 Browns +3500 Dolphins +4000
Eagles +4000 Raiders +4000 Steelers +4500
Seahawks +4500 Panthers +4500 Vikings +5000
Washington +5000 Falcons +6000 Bears +6500
Giants +7500 Jaguars +10000 Lions +12500
Texans +12500 Jets +12500  

Kansas City Chiefs +700

After losing in the AFC Championship, many have questioned if the Kansas City Chiefs’ window is closing. The massive Patrick Mahomes contract is now coming into play and it may become tougher than ever to pay everyone. With the emphasis continuing to be on offense, we could see the Kansas City defense continue to suffer. However, was this past week’s loss exactly what they needed to reset and reload?

Buffalo Bills +800

The Buffalo Bills have continued to take steps forward, until this season. Losing in the Divisional Round to the Chiefs, many crowned this game the true AFC Championship after the final whistle. The Bills will be back and they will be strong. Do you think they are good enough to have the second-best Super Bowl 2023 odds?

Los Angeles Rams +1000

Speaking of time running out, the Rams know exactly what they are. They wagered their future to win right now. With their ticket punched to the Super Bowl, their gamble paid off. Yes, they will still have enough pieces to be good next season, but with key players getting another year older, the Rams must figure out how to write enough “IOUs” for next season if they are to return to the Super Bowl. The offensive line in particular will need to be addressed.

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