11 foods you should never eat expired


Many doubts about food expire or the dangers of eating them when they are in poor condition . While some foods have a deadline even if you don’t know it, others lose properties, odor and flavor – as is the case, for example, with spices . Some can transmit bacterial infections and diseases. 

Here we review some foods that you should never consume once they have expired: from your favorite cheese to fresh seafood or red fruits, extreme caution with the following ingredients. 

Eggs and their substitutes

You can keep eggs in the refrigerator for three to five weeks if they are raw and in shell . For egg substitute products, it takes an average of three to five days once they are opened. If they are not open, you will have ten days.

Soft cheeses

Harder cheeses like cheddar or gouda have a longer shelf life because they are harder for bacteria and mold to permeate. However, once opened, hard and processed cheeses last between three and four weeks, even if mold appears you can remove that portion and eat the rest. However, softer cheeses such as goat cheese or brie are more vulnerable to bacteria. As a general rule, the milder the cheese’s flavor and texture, the shorter its shelf life. For example, ricotta lasts for a week.

Condiments and sauces

A tricky section: The New York Department of Agriculture recommends tossing mustard after one month, mayonnaise after two, BBQ after four months, and tomato sauce after six. If you notice water floating on top, discoloration or bad smell, throw it away even if it hasn’t expired.

Fresh meat

You must eat the fresh meat in a few days or freeze it as soon as you get home. You must be especially careful with Salmonella, E. coli or other bacteria, so cooking it long enough is a must. Don’t wash it raw .


The USDA recommends eating or freezing it within two days of purchase, be it beef, pork, turkey, lamb, or  any other type .


Buy only the sausage you need: freshly cut in the delicatessen ham or turkey last in good condition for three to five days, while prepackaged in airtight containers have a consumption window of two weeks when unopened , and identical once opened. If they get slimy or smell strange, bad luck.

Fresh fish

Fish should be consumed within a day or two after purchase , according to the USDA. If not, you’ll have to wrap it in moisture-proof aluminum foil and freeze it.

Fresh raspberries, strawberries or blackberries

In a fresh format, the berries have a short shelf life. Raspberries and strawberries are only good for about three days after purchase, while blueberries can last up to a week, according to the FoodSafety.gov Foodkeeper app. A good idea is to freeze them before they become soft and susceptible to mold growth.

Green leafy vegetables

Yes, even those versions that have already been washed and cut into pieces that are sold in the supermarket have an expiration date, in addition to the danger of being contaminated with E.coli. Never consume them after the bag date. 


The shoots are grown in warm, humid conditions, making them a potential breeding ground for bacteria from the start, according to the FDA . From two days after its expiration date, the danger begins. If you are pregnant or have a disease, avoid them completely.


Raw shellfish must be refrigerated before any bacteria can grow large enough to cause foodborne illness. Clams, mussels, and oysters should be eaten within five days of purchase, according to the Foodkeeper app, while scallops only last three days at most. The good thing is that the smell will alert you to the bad state. 

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