10 Reasons Why You Are Not Rich Yet

Everyone desires to be rich, but it’s not possible to obtain wealth until you realize what holds you back. Once you recognize the beliefs and negative thoughts that you’ve carried in your head all your life regarding money, only then will you realize the power you hold to start manifesting money in your life. The rich perception most people have is attainable through financial freedom to live the life you desire once you achieve your goals.

I have lined up ten fundamental truths on why most folks aren’t rich yet. Read on…

1. You Overspend Money Like you’re Well-off

It feels right to buy the fine things in life regularly. If you live beyond your means, stop it before it consumes you and compels you to use credit to sustain an overly expensive lifestyle. The solution- stop buying what you don’t need and start saving up or investing extra cash after buying all your primary needs. Live within your means, and you are likely to become rich.

2. Middle-Class Beliefs about Wealth

We all have the potential to attract money in our lives as long as we stay active in the hope that there’s potential for every business opportunity. If you do not see the positive things like opportunities and patience, but instead you focus on an attitude of constant limitation, you’ll always be stuck in the middle-class category.

3. You don’t have a Financial Plan

Without clear, definitive, financial goals, manifesting money will seem like an unachievable fantasy. It may eventually turn into an excuse why you shouldn’t saving or desist your overspending habits. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Write a financial plan detailing your immediate goals and start prioritizing your written goals immediately.

4. You Hang Around Poor People

Money does not define who we are. If your ultimate goal is to acquire money and financial freedom you’ve got to hang around rich people and learn their ways, their business modules and generally how things work with people manifesting money by the second. Self-awareness is contagious.

5. You are in a Comfort Zone

Most rich folks are aware the price of sacrifice, endurance, risk and patience on their way up. They learned how to cultivate a disciplined culture of constant risk and crunching long hours at work for things to work in their favor. Learn to function in a state of uncertainty. The victory will surely be sweet.

6. The Fear of Failure

It is often said that failure precedes success. If you desire financial success, failure is a natural process that compels us to try again, using different techniques, trust a new bunch of people, change careers, and so on. But you have to fail first to see the bigger picture.

7. You believe Family sacrifice comes first

A family is a great fundamental in all our lives. It binds us all for a sense of belonging and offers security like no other place. Despite your obligations to provide and be there for your family, it should not be an excuse why you can’t make things work in your favor to earn more money and be rich. Numerous people have made money in the comfort of their homes.

8. You think you’re not Intelligent enough to be Moneyed

Being smart does not portray wealth. The secret to making money is to find different avenues to solve a problem. A proper education is great, but as long as you don’t use it wisely, it will not make you rich. Most wealthy people built their wealth on real wit, and self-confidence.

9. You don’t Deserve to be Rich

In life, attitude is everything. Wealth is not a privilege awarded to those who deserve it. To be rich, start by manifesting money in your life. Increase your self-esteem and tell yourself the world is yours to conquer. Believe that you deserve to be rich as well.

10. Precious Time for Riches

Most people believe that more working hours will get them rich. This is not so. Money is sought through trade, not time. Compensation is exchanged for money by the wealthy. Get the difference? So trash that crazy thought of employment and bonuses and start thinking about business ideas. Empower yourself and money will manifest itself to you naturally.

Regardless of our education, lifestyle, or profession most of us do not know where we would like to be financial. It’s never too late to get rich if you made a few changes in the way you live or think about money.

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